Metro Star®


The Spartan Metro Star® features a 94″ wide cab that is configured with an extensive range of premium systems and components. Easily accommodate your crew, equipment and storage needs with numerous cab style and roof-line options. Spartan’s flexible design puts you in the driver’s seat to satisfy not only your cab and chassis needs, but your budget as well.

At a Glance

  • 94" Wide aluminum cab
  • Advanced Protection System® for unmatched safety
  • 42˚- 53˚ cramp angle
  • IFS or spring front suspension
  • Seats up to 10
  • 380-450 hp engine options
  • 270 - 360 amp alternator
  • Flat, 5", 10", 20", or 24" roof height options
  • Available in LTD, SMFD, MFD, EMFD, LFD, and ELFD cab styles
  • Galvanized frame rails (standard)
  • Powder coated frame rails (optional)


380 to 450 hp

Cramp Angle

42° to 53°


136″ to 303.5″

Aluminum cab

94″ wide





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